Dear Praying Friends,

We are closing out an eventful year. Here is an update of Ministry News…

The Lord has been gracious to us through this year. He has met needs repeatedly. We trust in a sovereign God Who knows all things. We live as faith missionaries here, trusting God to provide all that we need. He has not forgotten us. The Lord has moved some of you to sacrifice for us. To you we say thank you. The Lord has moved many of you to pray for us. To you we say thank you. Regardless of how you have come along side us in 2017, we cannot go forward without any of you.

Here are some Ministry Highlights from this year….

Bible Study Outreach

Our previous Ottawa host, Lillian suffered a fall in June, shortly after we stopped our study for the summer. Lillian has now gone to live in assisted living and is not up to hosting a study there. We are hoping to begin a new study in a new location sometime in 2018. There are two potential locations.

In Montreal we still meet on the West Island, but attendance is low. There is a possibility to moving the study group one time per month into a more central part of the city. Please pray.

In Toronto area our son and daughter-in-law host our study there. Attendance is better here. One of our board members attends with us and brings a believer we were reconnected with last year, originally from Montreal. In the New Year we hope to collaborate with Dan & Annamaria’s church as being one of their community study groups. Please pray.

Conference Outreach

We held our annual Bible Prophecy Update Meetings in Montreal and Ottawa in October and November. In Montreal, Onward Gospel Church again collaborated with us, but their building is under reconstruction. We had a couple step up who opened their home up to host our annual meeting. Attendance was limited due to space but of the 15 spaces available, we had all spots taken with one person cancelling due to illness. The Lord sent His people and we praise God for Sara and Sergio stepping up to help.

In Ottawa, attendance was the same as Montreal. We do praise The Lord for those who sacrificed and gave at both meetings. All needs were met including those for our special co-speaker, Pastor Mike Ferreira of Marcoux Road Gospel Church in Alexandria, ON. Next year George Ferrier will rejoin me for our annual conference on Oct. 25 in Montreal and October 27 in Ottawa. We hope you will join us.

Evangelism & Israel’s Hope Church

Our church plant in Ottawa continues to meet as a house church. Please pray for a new mid week Bible study to begin sometime in 2018 as part of the church and as our Ottawa study.

Evangelism is a daily activity

One recent experience is highlighted here:

I was at a local shopping mall. As I entered a store a man followed me in and asked me “what injuries” caused me to use a four-wheel walker. We spoke about knee replacements, auto accidents and related injuries I sustained playing baseball. “George” spoke about growing up playing Little League Baseball, and how he enjoyed it. He then remarked how his body had now betrayed as he now suffered with Parkinson’s Disease. I asked him about the future, and the promise of a new body. “Oh, you are one of those after-life people!” He was then told this:

>Everyone who has ever lived will live forever. Where do you want to spend forever? With God or separated from God? <

He was offered a tract. At first, he refused, but still wanted to talk. As we did, he softened in his reluctance to take a tract. At first, he said he was of the “Roman Catholic religion.” He did not want any more religion. What is your religion? I told him I was a Jewish believer in Jesus, and that I was not part of religion but now had faith in the true God. I explained that Jesus was The Messiah for both Jewish and Gentile people. George had softened and was now willing to take a tract. We had many experiences like this one throughout this year that now is closing.

Family Update

We added a new grandson, Sam, born to Noah and Holly last December, shortly after we sent our end of year letter out. Sam celebrates his first birthday in just a few days. His older sister Ivy began pre-school in September. Time is flying. They live here in Ottawa.

Dan and Annamaria are in the Toronto area. Both Rebekah and Abigail are in day-care. Hilary has been down to babysit on a few occasions this year. This is because Hilary has remained unemployed. Her position at CRA ended in April. She has made numerous applications and has interviewed for them. Her E.I. runs out in the New Year. We ask you to pray for the following:

If The Lord has a new outside job for Hilary within her skill set, we are open to this. Hilary performs many activities to assist me with I-Hope, and we ask that you pray for The Lord’s will in this. We do need the extra income. We have a sense that The Lord would have her work with me full time in ministry. Please pray The Lord sends the needed support We are asking The Lord to send at least 25 new supporters at $30-$50 per month.

Joshua continues as a teachers’ assistant in Kindergarten in a local school in our neighborhood. It is not unusual to be at the local grocery store and some of his students saying hello to “Mr. Josh.” He truly enjoys this job and we praise God He has provided this for him.

As we close we again praise God and thank you for your standing with us in 2017. We do wish you all a joyous Christmas and Happy New Year. Without your standing alongside us, with The Lord’s guidance we cannot go forward.


Shalom in Christ, Ron & Hilary Grossman


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