Dear Praying Friends,

July was my vacation time. I was ‘technically off” but The Gospel ministry, affords “no off days.” People to people contacts continued. Here are two contacts from last month.

I was spending one of my last days off investigating some online interests I have in the history of baseball. As my interactions continued with a few people on a social media group on this subject, a Jewish man, “M” >>INSERTED<< himself into the discussion. Before long he added to this discussion that “we’re interacting with a Messianic Jew.” It had nothing to do with the subject mater. His indignation with me continued regardless of my not responding to the baiting I was receiving. “What is it that angers you, I asked?” His reply: “I just love >exposing people like you.”< Since the discussion had nothing to do with faith items, it was obvious he had “looked me up,” to see who I was. In all this I can claim Matthew 5:10. There is a blessing for some of what is endured here during this life. This is not the first time I have experienced this, and it will not be the last. Please pray for M.

A couple that we know are experiencing family issues. Again, being on vacation when I was contacted, I provided support as able. Please pray for this situation.

These are the ‘events’ that you cannot let go by while on vacation. You who are reading this today know of our work. It continues during the summer. Our giving has taken its usual summer dip during July. In order to ‘get through’ the rest of the summer we need to make up for what has not come in the past month. Specifically, we need to make up about $5000.00 right now, on top of what is needed to operate day to day. Please pray that The Lord send what is needed at this time and through August and September. Our Fall Conferences and travel schedule is fully planned. There is still one more date needing to be confirmed in November. Please pray that The Lord open that last date for us.

If you are in Montreal and Ottawa or close by, our Fall Bible Conference will take place in these cities. Please see below for times and locations.

We do appreciate all of you who sacrifice and pray for us and with us. May God bless you through the summer season.


Shalom in Christ,

Ron & Hilary Grossman