Dear Praying Friends,

Please pray with us for the following:

  1. Ongoing Bible studies in Montreal and Toronto. Because of health issues in our host home in Toronto this winter we have been postponed. Our hosts are moving, so we will reconvene in Toronto in September.
  2. Israel’s Hope Bible Church in Ottawa. Please pray for the church body while I am away on our annual March ministry trip.
  3. I-Hope webpage: The rebuild of our web site continues. During this time, you can find out other things we are doing by going on Facebook to: Israel’s Hope Ministries, Israel’s Hope Discussion Page, and Israel’s Hope Bible Church.
  4. Day to day ministry: The Lord has given us ongoing contacts. Please pray that we be used of Him to be a witness, as per Romans 1:16
  5. March Ministry Trip: As you read this I will be on our annual trip of Feb. 28-March 29. The purpose of this month-long trip is two-fold: To visit supporting churches and to initiate new ministry contacts. Pray that The Lord bring new prayer partners and perhaps new supporters.
  6. Our Board & Potential Staff: We ask you to pray for workers for the harvest; Luke 10:2. The Lord may be providing a new board member. Please pray for wisdom as we proceed in this.
  7. We’ve accepted a call to preach in Mistassini, Quebec from April 9-16. This is sub-arctic Quebec, specifically the James Bay region. Hilary will accompany me. A missionary there has worked behind the scene to arrange for this. The call is two-fold: There is a dearth of proper teaching on eschatology. There is also a need for community revival. Pray for The Lord to prepare hearts to hear The Word, and for those who need salvation.
  8. Pray that The Lord provide resources for ministry to proceed into the spring and summer. We ask you to pray for Hilary to either continue in her outside job, set to end on March 31, or for The Lord to provide the appropriate support for her to join me full time.
  9. We are coming up on Passover/Easter. Would you pray and consider a special gift to I-Hope at this time?

It is The Lord who moves you to pray and sacrifice for us. Praise God for all He does.


Shalom in Christ,

Ron & Hilary Grossman