Dear Praying Friends,

We are praising God for allowing us to reach 20 years of ministry as Israel’s Hope, in both Canada and the USA. This is also our 30th year of continuous ministry. Below are some praise and prayer requests we would ask you to remember with us in the coming days.

Family News

Hilary has begun a temporary job back at Canada Revenue Agency. This will run until March 30. We’re asking you to pray with us that either the job is extended, or this prayer request fulfilled: We are praying as a board that The Lord may provide new support that would allow Hilary to be employed full time with the ministry. We do need the extra income that Hilary is able to bring in. Please pray to that end. We are asking that we may see this by the time this “terminal employment” ends on the above date.

Joshua has begun back to work three days a week as an unpaid teacher’s assistant at a school in our neighborhood. This is supervised through the agency that oversees his work activities. We still are waiting for a part time paid position that is suitable for him Please pray.

Ron’s health concerns continue, with a lingering post-surgical infection that has come and gone now since July last year. Just prior to Christmas he was discharged from nursing home-care as it appeared this was ‘finally beaten.’ It ‘reappeared’ during the Christmas New Year break. There is an upcoming medical appointment to assess next steps later this week. Please pray. Pray also for his ongoing recovery from the auto accident of last March.

We praise God we were able to see all four of our grandchildren together as we celebrated Chanukah and Sam’s first birthday on Dec. 9/10. (Noah and Holly’s son). This does not happen as often as we wish with Daniel & Annamaria’s family being 4 hours away one way, in Toronto.

Ministry News

There were two opportunities with unsaved Jewish people in recent weeks. On one, we visited with our son Daniel and his family during the Christmas break in Toronto. On his birthday, Dec. 30, our server at the restaurant we went to was a Jewish fellow named…Daniel. He told us of his recent contact with Chabad in his area. We spoke briefly about this. A tract was left. Please pray.

We have an annual ministry trip to visit supporting churches in the USA southeast that begins March 1, with return home scheduled for March 29. Pray for travel safety, please. There are already 5 speaking dates confirmed for this trip. Getting into new churches has become more difficult in recent years with missions’ budgets maxed out. On this trip we are asking three of our hosts of overnight billeting to consider hosting a house meeting where they will invite their friends from their church and other like-minded churches to meet with me and get an introduction to our ministry. Please pray that The Lord might bring people to these meetings and through this we may see not just interest in prayer and other support, but that perhaps The Lord may call one person from this to consider full time ministry with I-Hope, either in Canada or the USA.

Further to this upcoming trip, please pray that The Lord provides the appropriate resources to meet all expenses on this trip. Pray that The Lord would send enough, ahead of this trip to that end.

As the New Year dawned so did the reality of God’s provision. For twenty years now with this ministry, and ten years prior with our first mission board, we have trusted The Lord as faith missionaries to meet our needs. He has not failed us yet, and to this we praise God.

2018 has brought with it new fiscal challenges. Ontario brought in a carbon tax on January 1. This will result in higher fuel and home heating costs. Market analysts have predicted an increase in the cost of many day to day items like food, clothing etc. As we must be aware of these things, we still return to the promises of The Lord: Matthew 6:30; Wherefore if God so clothe the grass of the field, which today is and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall He much more clothe you, o you of little faith?

The Lord has been faithful to us now for 30 years of ministry, the last 20, heading up Israel’s Hope. Would you remember to pray with us that He continue to provide for us in the months ahead?


Shalom in Christ,

Ron & Hilary Grossman