Dear Praying Friends,

We are in the busiest time of our ministry schedule from now through to just before Christmas. These activities still include:

  1. Bible Studies, in Montreal & Toronto, and our church in Ottawa
  2. Our annual Bible Conferences in Montreal, (Oct. 25) & Ottawa, (Oct. 27)
  3. Our annual mid-Atlantic USA trip, November 7-17
  4. We recently concluded these activities:
  5. Our annual Atlantic Canada ministry trip; September 20 to October 4
  6. Missions Conference at Fellowship Baptist Church in Cornwall, Oct 13-14
  7. Chapels at New Brunswick Bible Institute; Sept. 27-28

Continue to pray for fruit from these times of service. The final location of Bible study in Toronto is still not confirmed. We have started at our new location in Montreal. The Lord has been good so far this autumn. He has met our needs to be able to do the annual trip to Atlantic Canada and be at Chapel as guest speaker, again, at New Brunswick Bible Institute. Pray with us please that perhaps, one student we spent time with there, may be drawn of The Lord to serve with I-Hope. The Lord continues to provide to keep us going. To this we say praise God! If The Lord allows, would you consider a gift to sustain ministry at this time as per the busy schedule above.

Pray with us for:

  1. Continued opportunities to share The Gospel
  2. Strength to continue serving
  3. Seeds planted in the hearts of Jewish & Gentile people
  4. Open doors for Bible study locations
  5. Good attendance at our annual conferences

We could not go forward unless The Lord allows. We praise Him for what He continues to do and provide in ways beyond our understanding. Praise God and thank you for prayer and sacrifice. God indeed does receive all the glory and honour.


Shalom in Christ,

Ron & Hilary Grossman