Dear Praying Friends,

July is usually my vacation time. I am ‘technically off” but in The Gospel ministry, there are “no off days.” People to people contacts continue. Allow me to share two recent ones with you.

I was with my son Joshua as we visited two ‘sports memorabilia stores,’ something we like to do together. At the end of one visit the conversation turned to life disappointment the store clerk encountered. He was ‘en-route’ to a university scholarship in sports when he suffered a career ending injury. His work now is on the outside of “the big show” as he called it, working in the store we were in that day. I was able to share with him how this life is very temporary, as are athletic careers. “Where will you spend eternity,” I asked? Pray for Mike who accepted my e-mail address and said he would consider reading The Bible he has at home.

The next day I was at a Foot Locker when I had a chat with the on-duty security guard. We talked about the needing to have of security in a sports clothing store, but such is the age we are in. He looked sad and I asked him of this. That day was the day of his older brother’s death. They had been separated when he was 12 and his brother was almost 14. Their Mom had died, and their father was not on the scene. Family in another city took them both but sent the older brother back home to be with another family member. This brother would go on to a short life of crime and eventually was murdered. Calden told me how he survived, going into the army, and coming to faith in Christ. He was saddened that day wondering where his brother was. When I asked him if his brother had ever responded to Christ. The answer was yes, but he never seemed to live it. To Calden I said we do not know what happened when his brother slipped into eternity. If his salvation profession was real, we will find out in eternity. God’s Word never comes back void. This appeared to give solace to Calden that day. Please pray for Calden. He also accepted my e-mail for follow-up.

These are the ‘events’ that you cannot let go by while on vacation. You who are reading this today know of our work. It continues during the summer. Our giving has taken its usual summer dip. In order to ‘get through’ the rest of the summer we need to make up for what has not come in the past few weeks. Specifically, we need to make up about $4000.00 right now. Please pray that The Lord send what is needed at this time and through August and September. Our Fall Conferences and travel schedule is fully planned with only one more date needing to be confirmed in November. Please pray that The Lord open that last date for us.

If you are in Montreal and Ottawa or close by, our Fall Bible Conference will take place in these cities. Please see below for times and locations.

We do appreciate all of you who sacrifice and pray for us and with us. May God bless you through the summer season.


Shalom in Christ,

Ron & Hilary Grossman