Dear Praying Friends,

Eight days ago, I returned from a 30-day ministry trip, which consisted of 3 house meetings, 4 church speaking dates, 1 cancelled church date, & countless witnessing opportunities in day to day activities. We praise God for the evangelism & edification times. Pray that the tracts left with people, & The Gospel explained, bears fruit.

As we write this, Hilary and I are preparing to leave on a very different ministry trip. We depart Montreal for Northern Quebec, to hold a week of meetings with a two-fold aim: 1) Correct wrong teaching in Biblical eschatology. 2) Preach The Gospel. This will occur in Mistassini Lake, Quebec. This is indigenous territory of the Cree Nation, in the James Bay Region, home to the largest Hydro Electric power dam in the world. This community struggles with many of the same things that affect so many First Nations peoples. Pray with us, that The Lord moves upon the region & the people, and that there might be visible fruit from these meetings. We are there from April 9-16.

We praise God for His provision. There are three other prayer requests at this time. 1) On our return from this trip we will be meeting with a gentleman who is praying about ministry potential with us. Pray for “B” and ask with us that The Lord might have His way made clear to us. 2) We also are still praying about a potential new board member. Pray that The Lord move in that as well.

3) We ask you to also pray regarding current support needs. Giving is down in the last month. We are entering the slower giving time of the year. Please pray with us that The Lord provide what is needed now and into the summer. As a faith ministry we rely on The Lord to move His people in His time.

For those who have asked, Hilary has been renewed at Canada Revenue Agency until end of September. We praise God for this. She would prefer to be working full time here with me in ministry, which is what we are praying for. This extra time might just be what is needed to provide that needed support. Please pray.

We praise God for you all and do appreciate your prayer and sacrifice for us.


Shalom in Christ,

Ron & Hilary Grossman